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I ♥ new friends, so add me, comment here and there is a pretty good chance I will add you back. It would be worthwhile if we at least shared two or three interests, whether it's a particular fandom or actor.

A few of my OLD icon posts are here in this journal, but if you want to see the most recent then please visit my community, magicfly_icons.

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25 Photoshop Goodies

Finally getting round to posting all these! Many of them are actually banner requests and I just cropped them to 100x100!

I'm definitely not one for "themes" so you'll definitely see some inconsistency with these icons!!!

[ 22 Robert/Cedric icons with 2 animated ]
[ 2 "friends only" banners ]
[ my first ever colourbar ]
[TOTAL:: 25]

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Cedric/Hermione :: 15 Minute Ficlets II

15minuteficlets have a new word - #135, so of course I took up the challenge and began writing immediately.

Unfortunately I had written a lot, when my mum accidentally tripped the switch and the computer turned off and I hadn't saved it. So after a few (silly) tears I wrote something even better.

Thanks to dannydisco for reading this first and seeing if the lyrics actually fit LOL... I'm still a little worried. ;)

Title: The Perfect Kiss
Rating: G
Word Count: 301
Summary: Hermione and Cedric discuss the Tournament the day before the third task.

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