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25 Photoshop Goodies

Finally getting round to posting all these! Many of them are actually banner requests and I just cropped them to 100x100!

I'm definitely not one for "themes" so you'll definitely see some inconsistency with these icons!!!

[ 22 Robert/Cedric icons with 2 animated ]
[ 2 "friends only" banners ]
[ my first ever colourbar ]
[TOTAL:: 25]

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

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Cedric/Hermione :: 15 Minute Ficlets II

15minuteficlets have a new word - #135, so of course I took up the challenge and began writing immediately.

Unfortunately I had written a lot, when my mum accidentally tripped the switch and the computer turned off and I hadn't saved it. So after a few (silly) tears I wrote something even better.

Thanks to dannydisco for reading this first and seeing if the lyrics actually fit LOL... I'm still a little worried. ;)

Title: The Perfect Kiss
Rating: G
Word Count: 301
Summary: Hermione and Cedric discuss the Tournament the day before the third task.

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Cedric/Hermione :: 15 Minute Ficlets

I can't believe I actually rose to this challenge... usually I'm no good at writing in a small amount of time because I don't have enough time to collect and distribute my thoughts... but I thought, "what the heck, let's do this!"

And so my first ever Cedric/Hermione is born! =D

Because I can't debate over it and constantly change parts of it, I'm not sure how I feel about it... but hopefully I get some good feedback.

This is all 15minuteficlets fault lol ;)
I used Word #134.

Title: Eight Deadly Sins
Rating: G
Word Count:: 262 (a minute value!)
I think I owe my Cedric/Hermione fetish to koalathebear, so I dedicate this to her! Thank you! Your fics have been so inspiring.

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Icon Love

More icons for your viewing pleasure! And you might want to get your tissues out... some of them are sad =(

CONTAINS :: 20 in total
[ 15 of Cedric ]
[ 3 of Rob ]
[ 2 text only ]



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Icon Madness

Okay, finally getting round to posting a batch of iconzzz that have been waiting in my Photobucket album for a million years now.

CONTAINS :: 27 in total
[+ 13 Rob]
[+ 7 of Rob as Rawdy]
[+ 7 random HP boys]

Just to tease ::


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